Medical Image Interpretation Methods for Detailed Heart Health Analysis


Since 1993

WP1 - Segmentation and analysis of heart chambers and aorta anatomy

Automatic segmentation of heart chambers directly depends on the localization of these chambers within a CT or an MRI image. A geometry chambers analysis (volume of a heart muscle, minute volume, ejection fraction) directly depends on the appropriate segmentation.

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WP2 - Segmentation and analysis of atrium and left atrial appendage

Segmentation and a left atrial appendage analysis depend on the precise determination of atrial segmentation after which anatomic structures raising from an atrium (primarily pulmonary veins and a left atrial appendage) are detected.

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WP3 - Segmentation and analysis of other relevant coronary arteries and epicardial fat quantification

Segmentation and analysis of other coronary arteries will take place upon the segmentation of heart chambers and an atrium analysis.A method providing the segmentation and marking of all relevant heart structures will be developed in the first two work packages. In the third work package, the segmentation of coronary arteries will be done. A method that will automatically mark coronary arteries on animage will be implemented.

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WP4 - Simulation of a blood flow through heart parts

A method simulating a blood flow through heart structures will be developed in the fourth work package. The method will focus on the simulation of a blood flow through an aorta and a left atrial appendage.

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WP5 - Isolation and the entire heart visualization

The previously developed methods will be used to implement isolation and heart visualization methods in the fifth work package. These methods are of the utmost importance to doctors in order to determine heart anatomy as well as the location and geometry of coronary arteries. The heart isolation methods stem from previous segmentation of heart structures using the adjustment of predefined heart mesh and machine learning.

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